10 BEST DIY home upgrades under $100

Updated: Jul 27

This post is a list with links of 10 items that you can easily DIY that will upgrade your home AND they are all under $100.00!

Lighting upgrades, Tech upgrades, and fixture upgrades all under $100.00 AND available on AMAZON! I also linked YouTube tutorials on how to do each home upgrade.

1.bathroom sink faucet

This is offered in a variety of finishes for $49.99 and has over 3,000 reviews and 4.7 stars.


Learn how to change a sink faucet HERE.

2. Matching towel bars

This towel bar set and comes in at $25.49, come in a variety of finishes, and sizes. are stylish and affordable adding a great accent to your home upgrades. For $25.00 you get hand towel bar, toilet paper holder, and (3) robe hooks. This is a steal.

3.kitchen faucet

only $69.99 on amazon!

They have a variety of finishes. It comes in matte black, black & nickel, brushed gold, and brushed nickel. (It also has a touch free version but goes over our $100.00 budget. ) There is an additional option of led light for an additional $10.00 coming in under our $100.00 budget. With 14,000 reviews (4.6 stars) and counting, this is a no brainer purchase.

Learn how to change a sink faucet: HERE.

4. Ring video doorbell

100,000 reviews and 4.7 stars on amazon. This item comes in just under our budget but I think its worth making the list. It is user friendly, has a whole lot of positive reviews to back it up and comes with clear install instructions for you to upgrade your home to be more safe.

This doorbell can be controlled with an app, works with Alexa, and requires no special skill to install. Simply hook it up, download the app and you are good to go. DIY home upgrade approved. Learn how to set up and install the ring video doorbell: HERE.

5. Arlo indoor security cameras

There are so many different Arlo products to choose from, ranging from under $100 to over but these plug in indoor cameras are a great addition to your home security. The added benefit under $100, and again a easy upgrade that take little to no time to install. I personally use the Arlo cameras in my home and love them. They work great with the app and allows me to monitor my home while I am away.

Learn how to set up the Arlo indoor cameras: HERE.

6. Industrial 3 light pendant.

Replace an old ceiling mount light in your home with this modern pendant light. Take it a step further and upgrade to LED lighting for a more efficient home. I love this simple pendant light as it gives you the ability to add a higher end feel without being too trendy and having to change the whole room.

If you need help on changing out a light in your home, watch this video here.

7. Add a wall sconce

A lot of bathroom and kitchens already have wiring locations on the wall for something like this, but who is to say you cant get this installed or use the viral battery powered light bulb instead of running electricity? The possibilities are endless. I love this light and just ordered it for my own kitchen. Photo and install to be posted soon :)

Learn how to change a wall sconce: HERE.

8. Semi Flush mount light upgrade.

Switch out your flush mount (boob lights) for this really cool semi flush mount light. This light is giving all the vibes and is only $29.99. Is there really anything else to say? I love this light.

Learn how to replace a semi flush mount light: HERE.

9. Ceiling FANS

Man oh man do they make a difference. Change those fans to something more simple and modern. Check out this YouTube video on how to change a ceiling fan.

I have this exact fan in every room in my house. Not only is it affordable ($76.00) but its LED and looks modern.

Learn how to replace a ceiling fan: HERE.

10. Bathroom Vanity light

I chose this simple light because it gives you the ability to increase the number of lights in your bathroom and comes in different finishes, yet is simple enough that it can go with multiple styles. This bathroom vanity light comes in 2,3, or 4 light options. If you keep it at 3 lights you are under $100.00. The 4 light option brings you at just over $100.

Learn how to replace a bathroom vanity light: HERE.

This post was all about 10 DIY home upgrades you can do for under $100. TAGS: DIY Home Upgrades | Home upgrades under $100 | best Amazon home upgrades

Thanks for reading ! <3

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