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Who is That Tile Chick?

What's up!  My name is Schannon Yodice and if you are here because you follow me on social, THANK YOU. 

For those of you who DON'T know me - yet, many people call me "That Tile Chick" from Instagram, go check out my projects :)  But, I am so much more than a tile setter. I am a business owner, fitness lover, entrepreneur, and lover of all things blue collar!

I did the normal 9-5 thing for a little while (almost a decade!) until August of 2020 where I took the leap of faith to go into setting tile full-time. Since then, I grew my social media into its own little business where I get to share my passions with other young professionals like myself to pursue their passions. As my journey continues, I will strive to share as much of it as I can to inspire and promote business and creative thinking within young adults. 

I now am a tile contractor and specialize in tile installation and design. I love to work closely with my clients to help them from start to finish on their bathroom renovation. I pride myself on the experience I bring to my clients from start to finish. 

Thanks for reading! 

That Tile Chick

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