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Who is That Tile Chick?

My name is Schannon, AKA That Tile Chick. I used to work as an accountant 9-5. But back in 2017, I started setting tile to help my husband with his business. After 3 years of learning, I quit my job in 2020 and started posting videos on Instagram to share my journey. When I started setting tile, I was quickly getting overwhelmed with the amount of calls we received from clients who had previously failed showers. I was left wondering, "why are there so many failing showers?" I was also scared to build a shower because I did not want my name attached to poor work. I began researching all I can about building showers and installing tile.  I attended trainings, I flew to industry events, networked with product manufacturers and the best installers to  make sure I was obtaining the best information I can to provide my clients with a quality installation


I realized there is a ton of FREE information available online but its all opinion based information. The clear transparency on how to actually do something backed by industry standards does not exist on free platforms. Anyone who wants to learn about building showers or setting tile will easily get inundated with opinion based information and can easily fall down the wrong path. 

That is why I created Online Tile Academy – an online school that will provide a comprehensive guide to help you learn everything you need to know about building waterproof showers and setting tile. From choosing the right materials to fine-tuning the tools, I will make sure to provide you with the best techniques so that you can achieve your desired results. 

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Learn 3 Expert Waterproofing Methods and how to choose which one is right for your project. Register Here!

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