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Check out some of my recent bathroom renovation projects. 


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In celebration for my E-Book launch, I decided to create a FREE download for everyone to get prepared. 

I built my business from scratch using social media marketing. I am giving away all my secrets to help other small business owners succeed. 

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Who is that tile chick? 

Hi, I'm Schannon


Before becoming a tile contractor, I did the normal 9-5 thing for a little while (almost a decade!) until August of 2020 where I took the leap of faith to go into setting tile full-time. Since then, I grew my social media into its own little business where I get to share my passions with other young professionals like myself to pursue their passions. As my journey continues, I will strive to share as much of it as I can to inspire and promote business and creative thinking within young adults.


Now, I am a full - time tile contractor in League City, Texas. I specialize in tile installation and design. . I love helping homeowners with their bathroom renovation projects both in person and online. Whether you need your bathroom remodeled by a professional or you are an avid DIY'er I am here to help with all your bathroom renovation projects. Follow me on Social media or read my blog to get the latest tips and tricks for all things tile and home related!

If  you need help with your upcoming bathroom renovation project but don't live in my area, feel free to contact me, I do 1:1 consults! 

That Tile Chick

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