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I love collaborating with creative brands to spread the word. 

Check out some content I have created for other brands while you're here.

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The Home Depot

In this collaboration with The Home Depot, I taught my sister, as well as viewers how to make a DIY house # sign. I also created a blog linked in the video description to help viewers select materials and tools they need for their DIY project. Check it out below :) 

Grabo Tools

The Grabo is a battery-powered suction tool that helps move heavy objects efficiently. These tools help tile setters, builders, masons, and can help the everyday person move most common large objects. Check out the video below to see how it helped me set these large tiles! 

Spyder Products

Spyder Products makes a range of blades and consumables for the trade professional to the homeowner, DIYer. Spyder prides themself on performance and quality, which is why I partner with them! 

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